Since the cocktail is a uniquely American creation that enjoys little to no place in Austrian restaurant culture, our bar utilizes classic techniques and methodology while incorporating as many central European spirits as possible. Our cocktail menu features seasonal specialty drinks designed to complement (or at least not compete with) our cuisine. We use fresh citrus, house made syrups and infusions and a variety of unique flavoring agents to produce a broad selection of unusual but accessible cocktails.


Despite what one might think, Austria is a wine country. When it comes to wine we adhere to one simple, but over-arching principle: to pair our Central European cuisine with a beverage that compliments it best. We believe this marriage of food and wine is a fundamental aspect of dining with friends and family, and a unique experience we strive to share with our guests. Our wine list is constantly evolving with an assortment of varietals we feel most suitably pairs with our menu.

Wine MenuAcross the board, our wines showcase expressive aromas, fruit-driven acidity and a medium body, bringing out the best in both the food and the wine. Our white wines, needing this balanced acidity and good minerality, will always include a wide assortment of Grüner Veltliners and Rieslings, as well as other unique varietals from Pinot Blanc to Gewurztraminer. We also offer more familiar varietals like Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc — all either made in Europe or in that Old-World style.

Our red wines also focus in Central Europe where we feel we find the best mixture of fruit, earth, acidity, and body. All our reds tend to be low in alcohol with lots of red fruit, spice/earth and acid to accompany our menu and round out the palate after a bite. Our list is heavily represented by Pinot Noir and Austria’s trio of popular reds- Blaufränkisch (Austria’s chief red varietal — similar to a lighter Pinot Noir with less tannin), St. Laurent (lightness of Pinot Noir with the spice of Syrah), and Zweigelt (a hybrid grape – Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent). We will always have varietals from France (Burgundy, Rhone, Bordeaux) and Italy (Veneto, Piedmonte) represented, where their styles go very well with the majority of dishes on our menu.


Beer MenuBeer is an essential part of the Austrian dining experience. We have a beer that pairs well with every item on our menu from appetizers to desserts. As with our wine list, our beer selection focuses heavily on Austrian and German varieties. In contrast to the floral hoppy beers that are prominent fixtures of the craft beer movement and the rich, malty beers of Belgian fame, our list is loaded with light, delicate lagers and wheat beers. We also offer a lean, but relatively comprehensive collection of beers of other major types. In other words, there should be something for everyone. As with our wine list, we aim to be both comprehensive and concise without ever losing sight of our main goal — to complement our cuisine.


Cocktail MenuIf you wish to drink spirits rather than beer or wine but still want to stay authentic, we offer the widest variety of Austrian and German eaux de vie, liqueurs and spirits in the Midwest. Choose from a classic after dinner drink such as apricot schnapps or Underberg, the classic German digestif.